Round Two Chemo Postponed

Father Martinez was ready for round two of chemo last week. He had regained his strength and was ready for the fight. Unfortunately, due to liver function complications the 2nd round of chemo has been postponed for one week while these complications are addressed – – and to allow him to get stronger.

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When Father Martinez began his first session of chemotherapy last week, his reaction was quite rough as his body adjusts to this aggressive treatment.  Doctors feel they have pinpointed the cause of his violent reaction, are making adjustments to his treatment and are already preparing for his next round of chemo.  Like a good soldier for Christ, Father Martinez is also preparing for the next round!  He is fierce in his fight to be healed!


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The Battle Begins

Father Martinez just finished his first round of chemo at MD Anderson. He has been ready to begin this battle!

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In preparation for the start of chemotherapy this coming week, Father Martinez underwent minor surgery at MD Anderson on Friday. The procedure went well and he is recovering. Thank you for your prayers!

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The Best Medicine

Father Martinez received the best medicine today — he learned that for the Cristo Rey Jesuit second graduating class, and one month earlier than last year, 100% of our seniors have been accepted into college!

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