Final Vows in Becoming a Jesuit Priest

Fr. TJ Martinez with the Houston Jesuit community

After 18 years in Jesuit formation, Fr. Martinez recently had the privilege of taking his final vows as a Jesuit in a private ceremony surrounded by his family and his Jesuit brothers.

Jesuits take their final vows after completing the five distinct stages of Jesuit formation and ministerial work: novitiate, first studies, regency, theology and tertianship.  As a novice, Fr. Martinez pronounced simple and perpetual vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Father Martinez then spent his time as a regent working at Jesuit Prep in Dallas, and continued on to earn his theology degrees from Boston College.  Beginning in 2008, Father was given his first assignment and spent the next six years establishing one of the newest Jesuit high schools in the country, the one and only Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory School of Houston.  Father’s six month mission trip to Africa last fall was the final step (tertianship) in preparation for final vows.

We extend our deepest congratulations to him and his Jesuit brothers as he has now been received into full membership in the Society of Jesus.  Viva Father Martinez! Viva Cristo Rey Jesuit!

Fr. TJ Martinez with family

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